February, 2016: Breeze Issue #100

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Japanese Language Education Update 27:
Overview of JFLA Japanese Teaching Resources

by Amanda Rollins, Japanese Language Program Coordinator

JFLA supports teachers who are teaching the Japanese language in classrooms across the US. To do that, we connect teachers to each other and spread the word about useful information and resources via JFLA’s Teacher Page and JFLA’s Library.

If you are looking for online resources to help you teach Japanese, please check out our Teaching Resources and Learning Resources pages. They showcase online resources that the Japan Foundation created, like the Japanese in Anime and Manga website for learners and the Minna no Kyozai Site for teachers. They also feature lists of resources that were created by other organizations, divided into categories like “audio lessons” and “videos.” If you know about another online resource that your fellow Japanese teachers would find useful, please email jflaeducation@jflalc.org.

If you are looking for physical textbooks to peruse, try becoming a member of our Library. Even if you don’t live in Los Angeles, you can borrow books and we will send them to you in the mail using our mail circulation service. The book must be returned to us within four weeks. Take a look at our Online Public Access Catalog to see if we have any books you’d like to look though, and email nihongolib@jflalc.org or call us at 323-761-7510 for more information!

If you work at a non-profit organization teaching Japanese, you can also apply for our Teaching Materials Purchase Grant. We will reimburse you for up to $1000, covering teaching materials like books, posters, flashcards, and even app software. The next deadline will be mid-March of this year, 2016, and the application will be available soon.