Monday, January 30, 2017

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Transit Republic /// Program 01 "Reading Footprints : Four Women Foresight"

Opening reception and talk at a group exhibition of contemporary women photography and video "Reading Footprints : Four Women Foresight"

Transit Republic /// Program 01
January 14, 2017
opening reception and talk 

"Reading Footprints : Four Women Foresight"
Group Exhibition of Contemporary Women Photography and Video

Venue: Arena 1 Gallery
(3026 Airport Ave., Santa Monica, California 90405)

Ai Iwane
Kaori Nakasone
Kiyoko Sakata
Satoko Nema

on view until January 30, 2017

Reading Footprints is a group show surveying contemporary Japanese women photography and video. The photography and video work portray each artist’s culture not as vanishing, but as part of a lively, assertive group of people confident about the importance of their cultures in the past, their importance to the present and their influence on the future. They sometimes use images identified within the changing cultural landscape, but these images are not used as emblems of a generic unified past. Instead the images carry specific messages or stories about how individual artists interpret their native community, family and intricate histories, how they experience the present, or what they project for tomorrow.

― Kio Griffith

a Transit Republic project

presented by Art Bridge + TYPE
A Featured Event of Month of Photography Los Angeles

Supported by The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles