we want your idea for our new intermediate level course!

Give us your opinion and get 50% off tuition!

Do you want to brush up your Japanese?
This fall 2016 term, JF Nihongo will offer a new course.  This course will be offered to students who would like to develop their intermediate level skills!
The course will be B1 level of JF Standard, which is above our existing course series Fun with Friends 1-3 (A2 level) and same or below our Business Japanese course (B1-B2)*.

Before offering it, we are conducting preliminary research for the possible new course, and looking for students who will give us their opinion.

If you are chosen and you tell us what kind of course you want, we will give you a 50% off discount on the new course we create based on your opinion/ needs**.

The information about JF Nihongo's existing courses (beginner level courses, or A1-A2 level) are referred as below.
Course Listings

*The levels are based on JF Standard.  Click here to learn more.
**The new course will be offered from the Fall 2016 term. In the Fall 2016 term (Sep.10 - Nov.12), it will be offered on Saturday from 10am to 12pm at the Miracle Mile location.  You may register for this course any term but you can use the discount one time only.

If you are interested in cooperating with us, click the orange button below and download the Application Form and Assessment test, fill it out and send it as an attachment to us at jpcourse@jflalc.org. Through your application form and assessment test, we will see if you are eligible to take this course level so that we can include you in our market research.

Our targets for this future course might say:

  • I have basic skills in Japanese (A2 level*) and I want to brush up my Japanese.
  • I have learned Japanese before and would like to re-start learning now.
  • I studied Japanese in college but stopped learning because no chance is available since then.
  • I would like to practice more conversation in real life settings.
  • I used live in Japan and spoke Japanese for a couple of years but I forgot my Japanese.
  • I am a JET Alumni.  I could speak Japanese more.  I need to brush up my Japanese now!  etc.

What we may ask you for:

  • Ask your opinion about a new course on the phone
  • Ask your motivation, goals for learning Japanese on the phone

The application deadline is July 20.
The marketing research will be conducted during July and August.

If you have any questions, please contact us at jpcourse@jflalc.org or call us at (323) 761-7510 (Ex. 108).