Rental Exhibitions

If you are interested in renting any of the exhibitions below, please call us first at 323-761-7510 or e-mail us at In principal, rental of our exhibitions is free of charge. However, the renter is responsible for covering shipping charges both ways including insurance. Please read the terms and conditions in the rental application.

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Photo Panels of the World Heritage in Japan

Photographer Kazuyoshi Miyoshi

The World Heritage Convention is a document which was adopted in 1972 by a general session of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) in Paris. Today, there are 878 World Heritage Sites in the world and 17 of them are located in Japan (as of January, 2014). This photo exhibition presents 16 of the World Heritage Sites in Japan with over 60 beautiful photographs by Kazuyoshi Miyoshi.

Japan in a Box

These items are useful for teaching elementary school classes of up to 24 students about Japanese language and culture for a one-hour lesson. Japan in a box can be used by a teacher with or without knowledge of Japanese culture and language.

Japanese Toys

We have traditional Japanese toys divided into four different categories based on their theme. They are great tools for teaching Japanese culture and history, and they are also great items to display at community events to introduce Japanese culture.

  • Set 1 Traditional Toys (17 items)
  • Set 2 Wooden Toys (18 items)
  • Set 3 Edo and Bamboo Toys (19 items)
  • Set 4 New Year Toys (14 items)