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Japanese Cinema Screening
"After the Storm"
Wednesday, May 10 @7pm
Admission: Free 

Dwelling on his past glory as a prize-winning author, Ryota (Hiroshi Abe) wastes the money he makes as a private detective on gambling and can barely meet ends and pay child support. After the death of his father, his aging mother Yoshiko (Kirin Kiki) seem to be moving on with her life with hobbies with the local elderly ladies. He gets a contract to aid in a manga series with an upcoming artist but his ambitions stymie him from it initially.  Read More>

Japanese Language Courses
JF Nihongo Spring Term


Your potential blooms this spring!  Our courses are designed for new Japanese-language learners, as well as those who are interested in improving their existing language skills.  Read More>

Japanese Language Special Course
Introduction to Polite Japanese
5/6 - 5/20
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Politeness in Japanese is essential for smooth communication in social settings.  In this course, you will be familiarized with the system of honorifics (“keigo” in Japanese).  You will learn how to use basic honorifics at various levels depending on different situations.  Course of three meetings.  Read More>

2017-18 Grants Now Available!

  1. Learners Event Grant (Deadline: 9/1/2017)
  2. Teaching Material Purchase Grant (Deadline: 9/15/2017)
  3. Project Grant (Deadline: 2 months prior to project start date)

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JFLA Book Donation

The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles is currently seeking locations to donate its library books where they may best serve the community.  Please email nihongolib@jflalc.org for inquiries.